krisVStheworld, aka shadowbon

they/it | Kris | 18 | biggest tf2 hater ever

The Animation Production Workers’ Union has officially received recognition! (awhile ago as of writing this) It was great news hearing it but I forgot to update the website lol


hai!!!! :3 :3 :3

I'm Kris! I'm from Ukraine, am 18, I play too much videogames, sometimes do art, also as you can see i'm a furry

- About me -

- my birthday is august 2, 2004

- i'm a nonbinary ace gay dude

- i love shooter games, especially retro style boomer shooters, like DUSK or Turbo Overkill! although i've been playing different stuff recently, like Trackmania, Noita, Disco Elysium and an assortment of other things

- i LOOOOOVE music so much, if you click on the google drive link in the sidebar you'll be able to see and download everything i listen to! it's a lot of synthwave stuff, noise music, punk, industrial, shoegaze and a whole lot of other really fun music!!! :3 check out Sadness, HEALTH, Carpenter Brut, Street Sects, MORIS BLAK, King Stephen, Nine Inch Nails and my drive link for some great music!!!